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Within these pages I hope you will find some items of interest , many of which spring from my imagination and are suggested from objects in the natural world, from unique mirrors of all shapes and sizes to beautiful furniture and household objects. I have also had extensive experience in architectural renovations and sympathetic period additions to many properties.

The image used as the background within the site is one of my bespoke coffee tables - if you would like further details about my bespoke furniture please visit the gallery page or email me by clicking on the link: info@peterstubbs.co.uk

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After leaving a life of engineering through my own doing, I found it possible to use the same techniques with some new ones, moving my efforts to working with a different medium - wood!

I was lucky enough to work on and was given free rein to fit out various rooms in a tenth century house in Tudor style, using reclaimed timbers as well as new native hard woods. My work was to create a kitchen and utility room with w/c. I used reclaimed beams on the walls and ceiling, oak picture rails running around the walls

Doors and frames followed by shelves, cupboards and doors and an insulated cold food store with marble shelves and two inch planks for the worktops. While hiding all pipe work and cables behind hollow beams. The shelves had natural edges with a curve to imitate natural aging. I carved graffiti markings and different type of patterns onto the beams and doors.

This lead onto a set of stairs with turned finials and laser cut steel patterned strengthening plates all in new oak and steel then aged. Onto the landing and bathroom with a complete refit inside and out, of a 15m by 5m open plan kitchen, dining room and lounge. Oak floor with trap door leading to stairs, oak beams on curved walls, with elm reviles window sillís bringing the building up to modern building regulations and keeping a traditional character with a contemporary look.

In between this building and the 10th century building was a void. The owner gave me the shape of the room and size, he wanted it to be a cross shaped roof with 4 leaded valleys and was to be the main entrance to the house.

In through the front door and straight on to double doors into the garden or left in to the house, stone footings, timber framed walls and brick panelled in-fills. The rest was up to me. (Pictures on web site) Whilst building work was in progress, I made bespoke pieces furniture (carved oak, elm, walnut, beach and popular) Mirrors, coffee tables, benches and dining tables, CD racks, TV units and shelves etc, for designer retail businessís.

Other commissioned work includes remaking and rebuilding of a grand residential Georgian staircase, a fairy tale summerhouse on stilts (Pictures on web site) and an oak bar, wine racks and worktops for Whites restaurant in Tenbury (Pictures in the Gallery) Also in Tenbury a designer retail shop had my mirrors, coffee tables, shelves and units, bowls, walking sticks and dinning tables.

Hanley Castle oak tree, I was lucky enough to purchase a cut down boarded and dried, beautifully grained pollard four hundred old oak tree. It was said to have been a hanging tree. It grew at the entrance of the site to Hanley Castle, much research followed and I could neither prove nor disprove this. It has made so far two nine and a half foot long dining tables (Pictures on web site) book cases and more to come.

Sourcing wood takes a lot of time and travelling, to find the right wood for my work. Partly because most of it would never make it to stock for wood yards. When choosing wood I know what its going to be when seeing it, so the wood dictates to me how and whatís it going to be.

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